UKIP leaflet misleads public


Claims made by a UKIP council candidate in a leaflet related to an offer of land by IBC for car parking at Suffolk One have been claimed as false by the Leader of IBC tonight.

Alan Cotterell, UKIP constituency chairman and Borough Council candidate for Sprites Ward, claimed on a leaflet that Ipswich Borough Council had offered to sell land to Suffolk County Council for car parking at a discount.

The offer was genuine, but the claims about a discount were not – a fact Mr Cotterell was apparently told immediately after a meeting at which the issue was discussed.

Mr Cotterell had brought up the concerns of some local residents in and around the Suffolk One sixth form college about parking at a meeting of Ipswich Borough Council’s South West Area Committee, challenging visiting County Council Cabinet Member for Transport Graham Newman to do as residents demand and refusing to accept the council’s legal advice that this was not legally possible.

During the row Labour’s council leader David Ellesmere revealed that Ipswich Borough Council had offered to sell land to the County Council to allow for a car park to be built, but had not heard back from the County Council. Mr Newman said that this was the first he had heard of the offer but he would investigate it.

However at no time did Mr Ellesmere suggest that the land had been offered at a discount – indeed the Borough Council has a legal duty to obtain the best value possible for all land disposals. And tonight Mr Ellesmere confirmed that he had not offered a discount to the County Council – and that Mr Cotterell had been told that.

Mr Cotterell has been asked about the claims in his leaflet but has yet to respond to questions.