What is it with politicians becoming unlikely sex symbols?

Milifans-hit-IpswichEd Miliband visited Ipswich earlier today, as his unexpected cool status suddenly became mainstream.

Mr Miliband was in town as part of a regional tour including Cambridge, supporting his Labour candidate David Ellesmere, and dozens of students jostled with Labour Party activists to get selfies with him – many more than when David Cameron last visited the UCS Waterfront campus.

Mr Miliband has suddenly found that he has thousands of fans who think he’s cool and sexy, and he isn’t the only politician to find himself the target of fans from an unexpected direction.

Ben Gummer, Tory Candidate for Ipswich, photoshopped by the "Ipswich MP Fan Club" Facebook Page.

Ben Gummer, Tory Candidate for Ipswich, photoshopped by the “Ipswich MP Fan Club” Facebook Page.

Tory candidate for Ipswich, Ben Gummer, also has a Facebook page dedicated to photographs of him “looking sexy” called “Ipswich MP Fan Club” – describing Mr Gummer as “bringing sexy back” to politics.

Joking aside, the campaign is closer than ever. Voters on the streets of Ipswich seem genuinely split 50/50 between Labour and Tory – though Ben Gummer has slightly higher name recognition, probably because he’s spent five years as the town’s Member of Parliament. If it keeps going down to the wire, it could be the ground war that decides it – which side has more activists getting their vote out on polling day. With postal votes already hitting doorsteps, hundreds, if not thousands, of Ipswich voters will already have voted. The Press Association expect a result in Ipswich by 4am on 8th May. That’s looking increasingly optimistic.