Sneering media class has sparked revolution

The sneering of the media class is in part what caused this revolution of the working classes.

No seriously. It is no surprise that those voting to “take back control” were from lower socio-economic classes. These are the same people who have had decades of being taken for granted by the Labour Party, who have been ignored and marginalised by sneering media and middle class voters who told them to like what gruel they were fed because “who else are you going to vote for?”. If you kick a dog often enough it will bite you, and working class voters have bitten back. And how.

Yet even today the sneering media class can’t help themselves. Those insulated in their Westminster middle class bubble, who don’t have to worry about the vagaries of an economy because of their middle class education and their middle class homes in middle class Islington, spent the day telling voters who backed leave that they were thick, xenophobic, racist, or wrong.

Then there are those in the “sportsman” class, who think that because they were trotted out by the media class to preach pre-written scripts to the working class about why the working class should shut up and do as they’re told and eat their gruel, they now have the right to sneer as well. We shouldn’t have had the referendum, says Welsh rugby legend Martyn Williams, because the voters aren’t intelligent enough to understand the consequences. Jamie Roberts, current Welsh rugby player says the same. England and GB Sevens player Joe Simpson suggests that voters don’t know what they’ve done. Sportsmen should stick to commentating on sport. Even Gary Lineker, who observed that Nigel Farage is still a dick.

Worse are those who pretend to be working class heroes, men and women of the people. Like Labour councillor Alasdair Ross, who sneered at the thirty-nine thousand Ipswich voters who backed leave, suggesting that the expression of democracy was a mess. Or like his Labour colleague Sandra Gage who backed the idea that Labour councillors call the will of the people a mess. These leaders of our communities, who are supposed to be from the party of working people, clearly didn’t have a clue about the majority view in the town they supposedly run.

The more the sneering continues, the more abused the working class will feel. Those having breakfast in Chantry, or in Nacton, or across this great country, do not take kindly to being called thick, being told that they don’t understand the question because they gave the “wrong” answer. If the political and media classes don’t start to listen to what they’re being told by the working classes, the revolution will sweep them all away.