PM did NOT ask ‘all the right questions’ before assassinating British citizens

Cameron speech Tory Conference 2015

When faced with British born citizens accused of crime (but not convicted by any court, with nobody testing the evidence) the Prime Minister tells us he asked “all the right questions.”

He even lists them:

1. How do we stop them?
2. Is there another way?
3. Do we have that capability?
4. Is it legal?

How about these ones then PM?

1. Do we have enough evidence to convict them in a court of law?
2. Can we arrest them?
3. Can we have a trial?
4. Can we test the evidence against them in court?
5. Do we have the moral authority to assassinate British Citizens overseas?

I will not shed a single tear for the probably terrorists killed by a Hellfire missile. I shed a tear for another chip in the wall of jurisprudence which is based on the freedoms won and protected by Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights Act 1689.

This state does not have the death penalty. Nor should it. Home, or abroad.